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Cryptocurrency companies are once again refusing to run ads at the Super Bowl. Cryptocurrency

– Cryptocurrency companies are once again refusing to run ads at the Super Bowl.

For the second year, cryptocurrency companies are refusing to run ads at the Super Bowl.

While cryptocurrency giants are opting out of the big game, cryptocurrency ads are slowly appearing on major platforms.

The countdown to the biggest sporting event of the year, Super Bowl LVIII, is getting closer. Celebrities, athletes, businessmen, fans – everyone will gather in the stands except one: the crypto industry, which once again missed the Super Bowl commercials.

Crypto industry giants have been silent since the infamous Super Bowl 2022, when cryptocurrency ads flooded screens and many dubbed it the “Crypto Bowl.” The sudden cessation of cryptocurrency advertising came amid controversy after the fiasco caused by the contagion of FTX, Terra Luna, Genesis and others.

As of 2024, the silence continues as cryptocurrency companies have refused to advertise on the nation’s largest trading platform scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 11.

Even well-known companies like Kraken, the nation’s second-largest exchange, are staying out of the Super Bowl spotlight.

Moreover, bitcoin spot ETF issuers such as BlackRock, Grayscale and Fidelity have declined to participate in the big match, as their ad space was sold out months before the spot ETFs were recently approved.

While crypto giants have decided to stay away from the Super Bowl, cryptocurrency ads are slowly appearing on major platforms such as Google, signaling a shift in marketing strategy.

After approving bitcoin-ETFs last month, Google recently softened its stance on promoting this asset class by allowing cryptocurrency-related advertisements from bitcoin-ETF issuers.

On Jan. 29, Google published the first bitcoin-ETF ads from issuers BlackRock and VanEck, marking the end of a long ban on cryptocurrency-related promotions.

As the cryptocurrency market overcomes previous controversies and receives government and regulatory approval, we may see a resurgence of cryptocurrency advertising at the next Super Bowl.

BlackRock, VanEck, and Fidelity have launched ads for bitcoin ETF funds.

Comedian Larry David, who appeared in the 2022 Super Bowl ad alongside his father in SBF, expressed regret over his participation.

Among the celebrities who have previously supported FTX in Super Bowl ads is soccer legend Tom Brady, against whom a class action lawsuit has been filed alleging that FTX is improperly profiting.

The only cryptocurrency ad shown at last year’s Super Bowl was for Limit Break, a Web 3 gaming company, and contained a QR code that viewers could use to obtain a Digidigaku NFT dragon egg.

Although the Super Bowl is aimed at Americans, it is one of the biggest marketing opportunities in the world with 100 million people watching. The fact that cryptocurrency companies aren’t getting into the mosquito net is a missed opportunity for the industry.

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