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📌 Samsung launches the Family Hub refrigerator, an artificial intelligence that will revolutionize meal management in the home.

The Samsung AI Family Hub refrigerator revolutionizes meal management with advanced artificial intelligence technology and seamless connectivity. Ai

– The Samsung AI Family Hub refrigerator revolutionizes meal management with advanced artificial intelligence technology and seamless connectivity.

The refrigerator’s ability to identify 33 food types and suggest recipes enhances ease of use and minimizes food waste.

Samsung’s Bespoke AI line sets a new standard for household innovation by introducing a range of appliances with artificial intelligence.

Samsung has set a new trend with the launch of the AI Family Hub fridge-freezer, a pioneering appliance with artificial intelligence features. This innovative fridge-freezer, based on the latest sustainability technologies, is designed to make life easier for residents with a range of features designed to simplify food management, increase convenience and reduce waste.

The AI Family Smart Freezer AI camera system with three product categories visually identifies 33 categories of ready-to-eat and fresh food and is easily integrated into the top of the refrigerator. If a salad is photographed using the camera in the refrigerator, the camera automatically recognizes and registers it and displays it on the refrigerator’s large LCD screen. The user can assign an expiration date to each product to ensure freshness and minimize waste.

The Family Hub AI not only recognizes the type of product, but can also provide it to the user. The fridge is linked to stock and if tapped on a listed product, it will suggest recipes that include that ingredient, motivating the user to cook, providing cooking tips and reducing meal planning efforts. The fridge can also store a history of purchases and withdrawals, making it easy and efficient to keep track of stock.

The artificial intelligence camera is able to recognize a large number of foods, but those it doesn’t recognize will have to be manually entered into the app to get a complete list. While this may be a drawback, the fridge exceeds expectations by offering great convenience and efficiency in managing groceries.

Samsung’s artificial intelligence-enabled Family Hub refrigerator works seamlessly with the SmartThings app, so even long-distance shoppers can easily check the contents of the fridge while shopping. Cameras mounted on the door and in baskets in the kitchen and bedroom allow users to quickly check the size of groceries before going to the store. The fridge also allows users to select supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Tesco to buy groceries directly from them.

With voice control via Bixby, the next-generation voice assistant, shoppers can intuitively customize items on their shopping list based on notifications, speeding up the shopping process. This means no in-depth knowledge is required for grocery shopping, and the simplified system makes everything easier for the user.

The AI Family Hub fridge is one of the products that make up Samsung’s AI Bespoke AI range, which includes a smart fridge, stove, washer, dryer and vacuum cleaner designed to transform life in the home. The fridge includes a robotic vacuum cleaner, AI Jetbot combine and AI EcoBubble high-performance washing machine, all of which utilize intelligent AI technology. The series also includes a large 75cm AI ice-o-matic refrigerator, offering a variety of options to meet every family’s needs.

The introduction of the Samsung Bespoke AI series to the market marks the beginning of a new era of innovation and performance as AI-enabled appliances grow in popularity. By combining advanced technological components with simple practicality, Samsung aims to completely redefine home life and meet the growing demands of today’s world.